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Every year, unknowingly, we pass the anniversary of our future death.

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A girl putting a blue balloon on Eric Harris cross.

A girl putting a blue balloon on Eric Harris cross.

i cracked
Anonymous: It's not your fault if others are jerks who don't appreciate you. That's not on you. People in general are selfish and blind. The biggest mistake people have is not realizing what they have until it's gone. The best feeling ever is proving and showing everyone that you are better than that. That you can rise and grow and be strong.

I feel like the best feeling ever would be having people to love and care about me. Not being completely alone. No one is going to see that I’m something good that they’re missing out on when all I do is sit in my house because I have nothing to do and nowhere to go. They move on with their lives and don’t give me a second thought. I just want somebody to what me.

Anonymous: Without the bad things in life, there wouldn't be any good. Everyday is a new day and you just have to push through those bad things sometimes. I know how it is to feel like you've hit rock bottom but the good thing about hitting bottom is the only place to go after that is up!! You mean the world to someone, so don't ever give up! Things ALWAYS get better x I promise

I thought I meant the world to somebody but everyone left. I’m alone now. They all knew how shitty I felt and yet they left me with no one to talk to. I don’t mean the world to anybody. This is possible. Not everyone has somebody. I’m a very stubborn person so don’t mind me….but when you hit rock bottom you then start drowning in the quick sand that lies there and there’s no way of getting out of that. Sometimes it’s best to just end your life so that you quit being a burden to everyone. If no one comes back then that’s what I’m going to have to end up doing.

Anonymous: Aww don't be depressed :( <3 I dunno I think think this is one of the first columbine related blogs I followed and I really like it :) anyways I was just givin ya a hard time because you hadn't updated for a couple days ;) hope all is good

There’s a lot to be depressed about anon I can’t help it. Nothing has gotten better. I’ve said on here before that I want to kill myself. I feel that even more so now than before.

Anonymous: I am actually being serious :p :)

Oh. Well…I still post stuff about him. I’m just really fucking depressed lately. So I’ve been reblogging shit that matches how I feel. But there’s Eric stuff on here still somewhere. ..why my blog specifically? There’s tons of columbine related blogs on here.

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