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Okay, so a few weeks ago I made these pictures (well the picture’s obviously not mine) but I added the class year (which is 1999) to make them look more realistic. I posted one on Twitter on April 20th with an #RIP Hashtag and that was it. But I was looking through my dashboard and found the picture with the year and a black splotchy type of frame that’s hard to see and I was like totally surprised because my twitter account and my tumblr account are not connected in any way. I guess I’m kind of happy that the picture somehow made it all the way to Tumblr in a matter of like 2-3 weeks, so since everyone has seen it I figured I’d post the rest of them because, in all reality these pictures look more real with the ‘class of 1999’ thing in the corner. So yeah. :) Here you go.

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